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4 Reasons Why Your Business Should “Like” Social Media

Love it or hate it, Social Media is here to stay and continues to become even more popular each year. With hundreds of millions of American users posting stories and checking their home pages for updates you don’t want to miss out on the chance to get some of their eyes on your business or organization.


Having a Social media page as most people already know is free and available to everyone. So that means you can try and handle the posts yourself and with a little effort and creativity you have advertising that costs you little to nothing. Another option would be to hire an expert to make the posts for you, this can cost very little compared to traditional advertising such as tv, print or mailers. An expert also knows how to measure success, what keywords to use and when and how to strategically boost posts.

Levels Playing Field

Social media also creates an opportunity to play with the big guys and compete with larger companies that you wouldn’t normally be in the ring with. Social media platforms enable everyone to have a free account equally as visible as a larger company or organization.

Brand Loyalty

Social media is a fantastic way to show your organizations personality and build brand loyalty at the same time. Regular posts can keep potential and current customers entertained and engaged and allow interaction. The more brand loyalty you have the more repeat customers you have.


Want to learn who your customers are and what types of advertisements appeal to them? Social media can provide great insights into what makes your audience click. It’s a free way to obtain analytics that tell you exactly how many people see your post, liked it, shared It and clicked on the link. These platforms are also a great way to engage with your audience to find out their wants and needs and become a trusted source for information.

Although learning how to navigate social media platforms can sometimes be intimidating at first, the benefits make the efforts well worth the effort.

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